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Tips on How to Prepare your Wooden House for Winter Living

Some people feel that winter preparations are unnecessary. But it is vital to make sure that your home is in good shape and ready for cool weather.

Are you residing in a place that experiences harsh weather? If yes, make proper strategies to prepare your wooden house for winter. Then, it will keep you comfortable when the first freeze hits.

The following are some tips to avoid the problems or unnecessary expenses related to winters in a wooden house:

·        Take Local Weather Into Account

Everyone does not live in an extreme climate. However, if you reside in an area where winters are not harsh, you can do minimal preparations. But if you reside in a freezing area, take special care of your wooden house.

If you take good care of your log house, even extreme weather can not destroy the beauty and strength of your home. With timely maintenance, you can pass your asset to the next generations.

  • Make Sure that Fireplace Works Correctly if you HaveOne

Check the condition of your fireplace before winter. If it is in poor condition or kept without proper maintenance, your house is at risk. In addition, a log house has an additional threat of ignition of sparks.

So, always keep the fireplace clean, especially before winters. Put a good damper that you can easily open for proper cleaning or usage during chilly weather. In addition, it prevents different birds or insects from coming inside the house.

·        Be Ready to Stain and Seal

You should renovate the wood house after three to five years to maintain its good condition. The price of your home is much higher than maintenance charges. So, it would be best to take proper care of your log cabin.

Therefore, paint the wood to avoid wood cracks, rot, or warping.

·        Weatherstripping is your Best Friend

You can notice leaks in log houses even if there is no hole in the wood. You can see drafts in log cabins like any other concrete or metal building.

It frustrates homeowners as they want to protect the home from the cold but are worried about energy costs. So, go for weatherstripping as it is a cheap process that you can do yourself easily.

Seal the doors or windows to prevent your home from air leaks and keep warmth inside.

·        Extra Insulation Makes a Cozy Cottage

If you have time, add extra insulation to your wood home. As the insulated cabin is secure from air escape like weatherstripping. It works mainly in wooden houses because of air currents moving through logs.

·        Heavy Curtains Make a Big Difference

If you can’t afford insulation, then you can opt for an alternative to keep the home warm. For example, hang heavy curtains thick enough to prevent heat or light from entering through windows. The heavier fabric makes warm air stay in your home.

·        Keep Those Critters Out

All the creatures such as insects, rats, mice, raccoons, and many others are potential threats to your log house. These termites can break wood, and creatures can scratch timber.

So seal the home every winter and spray pest repellent to keep this problem at bay.


Bonus Tips

Winters are dull and mostly grey. However, you can keep the mood good with bright and colorful furnishings. Choose fun designs and also warm mats and carpets to make the room cozy.