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Smoking while having a child?

If you already smoke and have a child, how do you deal with smoking? Many parents feel troubled when they smoke in front of their children. Not only that you find it annoying that your child would be in the smoke, but also that you would rather not see your child see that you smoke. You may find it difficult to stop yourself, but you do not want your child to start smoking later. Does this also apply to you? Read here the tips that you can apply.

Smallest vape

It is smart to make smoking as invisible as possible. Choosing the smallest vape is a start. You can easily hide that smallest vape. That way, your child will not see your smoking gear. That is already 1 important step. In addition to choosing the smallest vape, there are a number of steps.

go for a walk

Every time you want to vape, you can go for a walk, while someone else is watching your child. Are you often alone with your child? Then choose to smoke mainly when the child is sleeping. It can help to see the room where your child is in as an airplane: after all, you are not allowed to smoke in that room either.

You know it

You know what you read here yourself. After all, how can you ensure that your child does not smoke, if you do smoke yourself? A good example is important. It’s just not that it’s easy to quit smoking. It can also be very disappointing if it fails every time. There are several methods. Some people say you have to experience the right moment. Then there are others who dispute this again. What is true is that you have to be ready for it not only in your head, but also in your body. How you get there is a personal process. Are you there once? Then it can help with perseverance to calculate how much it costs to start again….