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Rent a Boat in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a city with many canals. If it is your first visit, you will encounter various appealing narrow canals. That is why you may consider rent a boat Amsterdam. In this city of canals, there are many boats to choose from. You will encounter one of the best establish boat dealers. They rent different types of boats, which differ from each other. When renting a boat, you need to get the one that will serve you well. In this post, you will read about the different boats in Amsterdam.

Open Boat

If you visit Amsterdam during summer, you will have to hire an open boat. These boats are available in various designs: large, small, modern and historical. This boat can serve several functions, like anniversaries, bachelor parties and business appointments. An open boat can accommodate large gatherings. There is one thing you will need to know before choosing this boat. On hot days, the sun can be harsh on your head and skin; the boat doesn’t have a roof.

Closed Boat

You will need something to protect you from bad weather. A closed boat is ideal for such weather, as it offers maximum protection. Others have integrated heaters and cosy blankets, so if the weather changes, you will stay warm as you navigate. You don’t have to worry about carrying umbrellas in the city; there are plenty of closed private boats that you can hire.

Classic Boat

In the canals of Amsterdam, you will encounter classic boats. They might look old, and you may even underestimate them. But when you see the interior, you will understand the meaning of “don’t judge a book by its cover.” Inside this boat, there are a lot of exclusive facilities that you will enjoy, like music, minibar, heating, comfortable seats, etc.