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No need to move! Try this in case of lack of space at your warehouse.

No need to move! Try this in case of lack of space at your warehouse. 

If you have a warehouse space, you know how quickly it fills up. With the increase of web shops, more and more products are developed, stored, and sold. This means that the space in the warehouse sometimes really becomes too tight for the number of products you need to put away. When you are suffering from a lack of space, it can be attractive to leave your current premises and look for a larger space. However, the process of moving is very costly and time-consuming. This while it is often not necessary to move at all. Want to know what you can do about lack of space in your warehouse? Read this blog article. 


Option 1: Rearrange your warehouse 

You might have thought of this yourself, but have you actually done it? What many people don’t realise is that there are items left in storage that may not be sold at all. When this is the case, it takes up unnecessary space. The ABC method is the best way to organise your warehouse. This means that the A products (20% of the stock, 80% of the turnover) are at grab height. The B-products (30% of the stock, 15% of the turnover) are at the bottom of the shelves and the C-products (50% of the stock, 5% of the turnover) are at the top. If an item has not sold in the past year, you can choose to remove it from the shelves and no longer offer it. 


Option 2: Have a mezzanine floor developed 

If even a complete rearrangement of your warehouse does not provide enough space, then a mezzanine floor might be something for you. A mezzanine floor is an intermediate floor construction that creates a whole extra floor within your current space. An ideal solution when space is at a premium. Because of the extra floor, you can, in principle, build an entire additional storage area. You get, as it were, a whole new warehouse. If you would like to read more about the possibilities of mezzanine floors, we recommend you take a look at  noltemezzanine.com. They are specialised in the design and development of professional mezzanine floors.