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NBA 2k21: Update 2 Is Live

Two weeks ago, today, 2K games released the first major update for NBA 2K 21 in an effort to address the issues the fans had with the game. Today, 2K has announced that the Visual concepts team were still working on improving the game and have just released update number 2. Let us see what is on the menu.

The new patch fixes several issues in the game. Concerning the game in general, the fixes concern the online stability of the game as well as graphical issues and improve the logic of the commentators, public and PA announcers. The patch will also improve Damian Lillard’s character likeness in the game. The patch will also fix hangs that could happen, when joining the 2K Beach Neighborhood via a friend invitation in the squad app or while navigating the neighborhood or Playa Del 2K menus.

Apart from that, the patch will also lower the ball handle the requirement to unlock pro dribble moves to 80 in Neighborhood Park/Rec/Pro Am games. The Park dribble moves command has been remapped to the left stick in order to fix dribbling control consistency issues. The Nintendo Switch version of the game performance will be improved for better frame rates.  The patch also fixes the PC version issue that blocked the players on the pro stick aiming selector screen.

On the gameplay side, the fans feedback has also led to certain improvements. The shot meter is now larger for a better visibility. The speedboost on certain dribbles is now slower while the pull-up jump shots are less effective. More moves will gain the ability to cause ankle breakers or defensive reactions. The patch will also fix an exploit that made aiming with the Pro Stick too easy. The patch will also improve the defensive movements in the game as well as certain animations in the game.

MyCareer, MyTeam and MyLEAGUE / MyGMmodes will also benefit of improvements and fixes. We will discuss those changes in a future article. As we can see, Visual concept is working hard to polish NBA 2K 21. Time will tell if those changes will change the public opinion on the game.MTStacks will help you in your quest to build the best team with the best price of NBA 2K21 MT coins.