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Hardness tester

A hardness tester is a device that measures the impact of a localized insertion made by a predefined indenter made of diamond, carbide, or hard steel on the surface of an object in order to determine the material’s degree of hardness. This is typically done by determining the effect of the insertion made by the indenter.

Hardness testing equipment, whether they are manual or automatic, may be used for a wide variety of different samples and purposes. Unique and leading-edge mechanics, software, and hardware technologies provide innovative and sophisticated options for quality assurance, test facilities, and robotic in-line technologies.

The Rockwell test, the Brinell test, and the Vickers test are some of the most common ways a material’s hardness is evaluated experimentally.

Methods of testing hardness

Brinell hardness is measured by indenting a sample with a steel or carbide ball of known diameter and force, then observing the resulting diameter using a microscope to determine the material’s hardness.

The Rockwell hardness tester measures the indentation made by a steel ball or a brale, a cone-shaped diamond when applied to a sample under a specified load to indicate the material’s hardness. This is the depth relative to the location under a light starting load, and the dial next to it displays the matching hardness value. Many metal processing facilities employ Rockwell testers equipped with brale indenters, which are ideal for testing the hardness of hardened steel.

The diamond pyramid indenter used in the Vickers hardness tester leaves a square imprint. The hardness value is calculated by dividing the load by the product of the lengths of the diagonals. The Vickers hardness scale provides the most reliable results for extremely hard materials and may be used on extremely thin sheets.

Hardness testers are an essential tool for anyone who needs to test the hardness of a material. If you are in the market for a hardness tester, do your research to find the suitable model for your needs.