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FIFA 21: EA Sports FIFA Tracker

A few days ago, EA has officially made an announcement about the FIFA Tracker, presented as the “One Stop Hub” for FIFA development teams. The EA Sports FIFA Tracker is a new platform, which goal is to ensure a more fluid communication between FIFA players and the development team. Let’s dive into the pitch notes and see what EA has in store for us.

Joel Doonan, lead Producer for the Player First Operations team, made the announcement about the tracker last week. The objective here is to create a bridge between the development team and the players and collect the players’ feedback in a more organic way. The Tracker will provide the players with a unique insight over the developers’ efforts to improve the game, while displaying the reported issues that the development team is working on.

The Tracker will gather the latest news about the game, and the development team efforts in the same location. The tracker is hosted on Trello and currently has nine columns displaying the latest news, the issues under investigation, the game updates as well as some archives and other information. The development and community teams will update the tracker on a weekly basis with fresh news.

EA is clearly trying to make FIFA 21 related information more “readable” for the players by gathering information from the pitch notes, the title update notes and the social network posts all in the same spot. That seems very useful; however, EA has made clear that the tracker would not cover information like content announcements. Those announcements will mostly appear on the Twitter account of EA @EASPORTSFIFA.

The issue section of the Tracker is one of the highlights of the new platform. It is subdivided into two columns, investigating and released. The first column displays the issues that the team is currently working on, when these issues are addressed, the card is moved to the released column. The investigating board will only display clear issues that affect a large number of players to avoid flooding the board with posts.

The Tracker is working just fine and you can track the bugs and issues almost in real time. You do not even have to create a Trello account in order to use the tracker. As time goes by we will give you more information about the Tracker. FUTeamGo store offers you cheap FIFA coins and players at the best prices to help you build the ultimate team.


(Contributed by mezaoyabin; Edited by Hermes_Fang)