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Vehicle access control done automatically

Vehicle access control done automatically

No one knows how crucial a good system to help track and control access for vehicles is more than someone who is in charge of managing a large amount of them. Vehicles such as cars or trucks are incredibly valuable to their owners and security is of the utmost importance for them. When a place has controlled access for people, and vehicles included a system that operates automatically is usually what that area needs.

A smart and productive system to use for access control is the long range RFID technology. Don’t know what that is? Allow us to explain what it is and what it can do for you as someone who has to manage many vehicles’ accesses.


How does it work?

Using electromagnetic fields, the long range RFID wirelessly communicates with a tag that’s attached to a vehicle as well as the long range RFID reader that’s installed in the entrance and exit of the protected area. In the tag, data like the identification number of the vehicle is held. The reader’s purpose is to get that information and send it to the central database. The database is able to then monitor the vehicle’s activities when they are in and out of the protected area.


What can it do for controlling vehicle access?

There are so any advantages that the RFID tech has to offer for automatic access control for vehicles, inside and outside of the restricted area. A case in point being that long range RFID is much more methodical compared to more traditional technology like entry cards or barcodes. Vehicles will be quickly identified using the RFID tech as soon as the get close to the entrance or exit. They don’t need to halt their vehicle in order for them to scan a card or hand over a card for access, the entire procedure will be done automatically.

Due to RFID being automatic, that signifies how much secure this tech is in comparison to the other methods. Anybody can lose their access cards or the possibility of it being stolen is also great. With RFID tags being attached to the vehicles discreetly, it is less likely for unwanted people to gain access to the restricted area.


RFID provides high-quality security

RFID’s technology offers premium security for vehicular access control that is highly successful and efficient. If you are in need of an easy but highly secure way to manage vehicle access, then you certainly should consider long range RFID.