Heat Check is an NBA 2K18 MyTeam set of cards that represent offensive players like Elgin Baylor, Alex English, Chris Paul, and eight more.

NBA 2K18 MyTeam just got more interesting with the addition of a new set called Heat Check. The theme of this collection is offense. All 11 players that are part of the collection are great offensive boosters for the team. Ten of the players are found in packs and one of them is obtained as a prize when players acquire all other cards.

Arvydas Sabonis, Alex English, Steve Smith, and Kristaps Porzingis are the amethyst players that have been chosen to be part of this offensive set. Sabonis from the Portland Trail Blazers is a now retired NBA player who had the center position. Alex English is known as one of the best scorers. Smith is a versatile card. Porzingis is a must have card for Super Max. The three diamond cards that can be acquired are Chris Mullin, Elgin Baylor, and Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Chris Mullin is worth considering if players are looking for someone who has amazing scoring. Elgin Baylor from Los Angeles Lakers is a good choice for new players as it doesn’t take too much time to learn how this basketball player works. Abdul Jabbar represents the Milwaukee Bucks, a team he helped win the championship. Having this player on your side will give you a serious advantage. Jayson Tatum is a great ruby card for an offensive role. Eric Gordon and Manute Bol are the other two ruby cards. Eric Gordon has good driving towards the basket. Manute Bol was one of the tallest NBA players. He played as center.

The big reward is a diamond card that represents Chris Paul. Players get his card after they get all other cards. Chris Paul is depicted as part of the New Orleans Hornets, a team that is now known as the New Orleans Pelicans. This was the team where Paul started his career as an NBA 2K18 player. He was with the team from 2005 to 2011. The second team Paul joined was the Los Angeles Clippers. At the moment, he is playing for the Houston Rockets. His position is point guard. This card has Dimer as badge.

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