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How to make race-Sunday your own racing Sunday?

Motor races, aircraft stunting or car races. Aren’t all sports that involve vehicles, extremely cool? Unfortunately, are all these sports also quite dangerous and expensive. Therefore, the sports are just not for everyone. Luckily, nowadays there are such things as racing online, in which you can battle against your friends. To make your racing setting as realistic as possible, you should try and purchase realistic equipment. For the best quality equipment for a low price, Simplace.co is the website for you! Check our collection here.


Which equipment do you need?

To race like a real formula 1 racer, you will need different kinds of equipment. Firstly, you’ll have to start with the basics, such as a steering wheel and realistic pedals. The racing can start, hence the quality of your setting will be improved when also purchasing extra equipment, such as a comfortable and good fitting racing chair. If you would like to go for the full experience, you can also think about purchasing a cockpit. 


It’s all in the brand

There are lots of brands who are competing in the online racing market. Some brands sell all the needed equipment for a good battle on Saturday-eve, other brands are just specialized in a few of these materials. To find out which brand you would like to purchase, it is good to find out in which equipment such a brand is specialized. Of course, it would be able to make a phone call to a web shop and see whether they can advise you. Otherwise, online research will also provide a lot of information. 


The game itself matters a lot

Next to finding your equipment for a perfect race, it is also of great importance to invest which game you would like to race. To realize a realistic set-up for the race, the game itself should also contribute to this. Therefore, it is advisable to compare different games and to see which games have the most realistic looks and graphics.