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A tear duct treatment makes your permanent puffiness disappear

Who doesn’t suffer from puffiness or dark circles around and especially under the eyes? Surely everyone does. After a busy working week, a night on the town and too little sleep the bags appear automatically. For an occasional puffiness under the eyes is no disaster at all. But what if you have permanent bags under the eyes? This gives you a very tired look that makes you look years older than you are. No one wants this of course, fortunately there is something to be done! With the tear trough filler treatment at Van Lennep Kliniek, you can get rid of your permanent bags.

By aging or a genetic predisposition, the tear duct loses volume. This loss of volume creates a deeper hollow under the eyes. This causes bags, dark circles and shadows to form under the eyes.

Not only volume loss can be the culprit for a deeper tear duct. Lack of sleep, general fatigue, stress, pigmentation, alcohol, smoking, sebum, vitamin deficiencies and age can also play a role in the deepening of the tear duct.

In the case of volume loss, it is of course most effective to bring it back. The restoration of volume is realised with a hyaluronic acid filler. This is a gel of the body’s own material that is very soft and flexible. The hyaluronic acid reduces the depth under the eye. It also creates a softer transition from the lower eyelid to the cheekbone and cheek. The volume in the skin is naturally restored. The result? An energetic, younger and fresher appearance and a look that is much less tired.

Highly regarded cosmetic clinic

At Van Lennep Kliniek, you can go for a variety of highly professional treatments, all with skin improvement as a result. An example of a skin-improving treatment are chemical peels. A professional chemical peeling in The Hague or Oegstgeest will make your skin shine again.

With two clinics in The Hague and one clinic in Oegstgeest, a permanent team of cosmetic doctors and skin therapists and all the certifications, Van Lennep Kliniek is a very highly regarded cosmetic clinic.